A Muddle of Magic

Whilst a technical muddle, this photograph was a Business Chic-zen favourite! On the tweets or on the Business Chic Facebook page, this is one that delighted you, dear reader. The underlying appeal of Milly’s ensemble, you commented, was how she has put together items from high street labels but presents them in fresh and polished way. This time around, I’ve also noticed Milly’s hair. I’m not sure whether she has purposely looped a lock, however I think it might be intentional as it’s something my French girlfriends do ~ add unexpected texture and point of interest by surprising all with a simple twist in the hair… I’d love to hear what you think! OTT but slightly related, people often ask me where I have the time to photograph for Business Chic. Truth be told that in fine weather, this is an easy task of rather simply, “on my way to work.” Although, I am going to start trying to visit train stations other than my own, if you have any tips for me on stations, platforms and times to visit; please do share! Xx Cheryl


scarf & suit Portmans tights Target boots Country Road bag I got this from Bali  

A preppy chic workwear ensemble is brightened up with classic bag in a lovely rich hue. Makeup note: Cosmetics- Milly likes M.A.C cosmetics for the office and her Clinique bronzer.

For her work lunches, Milly likes to take in fruit and leftovers.

A pair of black ballet flats or pumps are a more formal choice but I do love how this pair of classic suede boots adds endless exuberance - a workwear delight!

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