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During Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, whilst photographing Street Fashion and Business Chic, I practically pounced on this stylish couple to capture their Corporate and Contemporary Business Wear ensembles. It also fortuitously turned out that the femme of the couple turned out to be the writer of the blog behind Bento, a label I’d love to stock should I ever have the time to start up a Business Chic shop. For those of you who don’t know about her already, do bookmark Samantha’s blog, Backstage at Bento. It’s the behind-the-scenes of a banker who has thrown it all in to Make Her Dream, A Reality. Style + Action, now that’s what Business Chic is about! Xx Cheryl

Samantha & Charles

Samantha wears: Jacket & skirt by bento Tshirt marc by marc jacobs heels shoes of prey bows (on shoes) from Emmersen bag by Louis Vuitton hat vintage Laura Ashley
Charles wears: coat Kenneth Cole suit by Zara shirt Oxford tie by Bugatti shoes Calvin Klein

A classic carry-all.

Favourite brands for workwear? – Bento, of course! But also a huge fan of Scanlan & Theodore, Arthur Galan, Satch, Yeojin Bae and Jayson Brundson for contemporary pieces that can be styled for work as well as play.
Skincare or cosmetics that perform well for you? – In the skincare department, I love Mario Badescu, ASAP and Aesop. Each have their own thing going for them, but the combination has done wonders for me.
A reliable tailor/shoe repairer you can recommend? Tailor – Arthur Galan’s mother! Her shop is called “Mani’s” and it’s on Chapel Street, upstairs, just near Cotton On Body. It’s a very narrow little doorway and a flight of stairs, but well worth hunting it down. Shoe-wise, I ONLY trust Collins Place Shoe Repairs, at the top of Collins Street. It’s underneath the two towers, near the CD shop opposite the cinema. They’re not terribly cheap, but the owner calls you princess and knows who Jimmy Choo is…

Love how Samantha's styled up her classic wedges with these bow shoe-clips. Lovely!


  1. Oooooh – thanks for the post, Cheryl! Was such a thrill to meet you 🙂

    @Rolex – to me style is about so much more than ‘stuff’. It’s about the way things are worn, the combination, the attitude and the thinking behind it. I don’t think I’d ever call any individual item ‘stylish’ simply because on it’s own it’s just a thing. With this in mind, in my humble opinion, simple, common and “unoriginal” things can become stylish.

    As for my bag, well… I think Cheryl’s right, it’s definitely a classic. For me, it’s an essential part of my handbag collection, just like my black Chanel flap. It has it’s role in my wardrobe just like my camel coat, black boots and navy sweater. They may not be original or complicated, but to me they’re classic necessities, but likewise they’ll never replace my statment pieces like my turquoise suede pumps or silver art deco clam-shell clutch.

    Just my 2c + GST 🙂

  2. I really don’t understand how LV bags can be considered stylish – style is largely about being original, and those bags are the very anti-thesis of originaility …

    • Hi Rolex, Business Chic is just about the office wear looks I like and which the featuree has kindly allowed me to share. As per our ‘about’, there’s no attempt to be the be-all and say-all in “style”, I’m just showing what I see real people wearing! Hope you can appreciate this spirit and keep things inspired. Peace.

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