A Spoonful of Sugar

We close this week of Business Chic with a Creative ensemble and dear friend, Lou.  I much love Lou’s charming workwear that is a nod to Mary Poppins-chic with the right amount of polish for client-facing Contemporary Business folks.  Lou has a way with words (she is a writer!), so I will leave you for the weekend, in her capable hands. Hope yours is a safe and merry one! Xx Cheryl


blue overcoat jacket Savers Super find – one of those magic op-shopping days where I found both my winter coats – this one and a red number grey jacket with burgundy buttons and pants Chitra’s Closet I first met Chitra Mangma in her Sydney Road store, many years ago. A beautiful bright and fabulous hurricane of style, she always has time for her customers and knows exactly how her pieces should sit (after all, she designed them). It’s a pretty special thing to walk into the store and have the designer herself kiss you hello. Precious. shirt Jigsaw gloves gift from my wonderful bestie in London who is always sending me divine things. Not quite the same as having her here, but you know, a pretty good substitute. handbag Etiquette magazine Peppermint magazine shoes RMK

This is the first grown-up shirt I ever owned. It's easily over ten years old. I remember my Mum's face when she saw the price. She bought it for me anyway. Bless.

In another life I'd like to be Mary Poppins please. It comes with a matching purse which I often take out to dinner as a clutch too.

I'm the Melbourne editor-at-large of Peppermint magazine which is the creation of courageous and gorgeous Brisbane businesswoman/editor/art director/everthing, Kelley Sheenan. I'm ever so proud to be associated with this beautiful, independent eco-conscious publication.

Covetted these for a long time and eventually bought them half price. Excellent.


  1. Great pics of Lou… and was she wearing those green gloves to subliminally promote Peppermint!? (As if carrying the mag around wouldn’t do the job!)
    Cheryl, do you have any pics from the other night that you could send me? I did a post on the event if you want to visit…

  2. Oh those gloves are too cute! Love the contrast red stitching and the different sized red buttons on the grey jacket.

    I love peppermint mag!

  3. Hi Cheryl! Lovely to meet you the other week at MSFW. I hope you got home ok with your feather eyelashes in the pouring rain.

    Loving your blog – I think your photography is very skilful, and I envy the courage you have in simply walking up to strangers and asking to take their photograph. The end result is certainly worth any nerves though – if only my camera skills were as good!

    All the best,

  4. Awesome! Me loves this post and the beautiful Lou looking really sophisticated here. More power to all you women!

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