Over by the water cooler…

Suits are tricky things to categorise as Corporate or Polished. If anything, my years in professional services taught me that Corporates have it tough and should err on the side of conservative accesories and styling; quirky tweaks generally being kept to a minimum.  Those who have more lenient or open-minded seniors and clients have more leeway to display personality through quirkier accessories but should remember at all times to keep things very Polished. Much like Craig here, whose style tood out to me during the Design Festival in Melbourne. His suit can be Corporate but fashion-forward narrow tie has me thinking it’s Polished – would love to hear what Business Chic-izens think. Xx Cheryl


frames Paul Frank suit Hugo Boss red label shirt Hugo Boss tie Jack London shoes Hudson (English) 

Classic but oversized frames showcase Craig's personality and are a nod to his eye for design.

Favourite Lunch? a made from home lentil salad with rack of lamb and balsamic.
Skincare that works for you? Dermalogica and I’m liking muk for hair.

Nice! I really like these. A great classic shape but with perforations make a nice variation on the form and give added interest.

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