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We start off this Spring week with a new batch of Business Chic. And no better person to start with that one of my dear friends, Bryony. Bryony here has kindly agreed to be the first BC featuree to be interviewed for Business Chic TV which will be launched later today*- Thanks Bry! A series of short little clips – comprised of  interviews with our featured Business Chic-izens as well as the designers and businesses my brother and I like for work and play; it’s a new little way we’re going to try and help keep your workwear, inspired ~ stay tuned!  Xx Cheryl


suit Cue top Suzanne tights Supermarket boots Wittner

A classic but stylin pair of frames showcase this Polished professional's personality.

I love how Bryony has mixed lace and a polka dot print for a fashionable nod but kept the look polished for the office by way of neutral scarf.

I find that opaques and a classic black ankle boot are the perfect way to anchor any ensemble.

*Update: Business Chic TV is seeking out entrepreneurs and businesses with values similar to our own to come on board the adventure. We’d like to showcase interesting ideas,entrepreunerial spirit and where possible clever nods to sustainability and design ~ all in the Business Chic way. If this sounds like you and you would like to reach our audience of savvy Business Chic-izens, please drop me a line

PS: Do any of you Business Chic-izens  have ideas on how I can me in touch with Virgin Blue/Richard Branson? Celebrating 10years (Happy Birthday), Sir Branson’s just announced that they will change strategy and focus on appealing to Business customer. With their carbon offset program and entrepreneurial spritit, I think that they’re a great fit for Business Chic and would love to see if they’d sponsor BusinessChicTV. Thoughts? Much appreciate! thank you, just thought I’d put it out there… Update: Virgin Blue Sponsorship number: HHK1309.


  1. She looks uber- business- chic! x

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