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Funny things start happening when you start trying to follow in the footsteps of those whose work you admire. Carly Findlay is the quirky twenty-something who is just telling it how it is through her blog Radio Carly and I have long adored her endearing writing style (congratulations!) and joie de vivre. Carly has a genetic skin condition called ichthyosis. This means Carly’s skin is red and scaly and makes her susceptible to infections. In order to create a barrier and protect her skin, Carly wears layers of vaseline. I love how this doesn’t get Carly down. And the pride that she takes in her appearance and pleasure in showcasing her personality through prints, colour and charming accessories, I think is just tops. Because I believe that we all have to work with what we’ve got, whether that be our personalities, appearances or talents etc. Oh and the funny thing? While I was excited to meet Carly in person, I’m even more excited now that we are going to a concert together. BON JOVI! YEAH! Happy Weekend. Xx Cheryl

Cheryl & Carly - Carly came to visit me whilst I was blogging from the Alexi Freeman pop-up store at the GPO

 Carly (Contemporary Business Wear, original post)

This young lady is one of my favourite bloggers – the warm voice and attention to detail in her blog Radio Carly – is a big inspiration for BusinessChic.. and don’t even get me started on how her career inspires me; she is one busy chick!



 hairpiece Mimco (eBay) coat Temt dress Country Road (eBay) brooch (untamedmenagerie) necklace Witchery bag Nicola Cerrini stockings Kmart shoes Wittner

Show personality through by selecting items with a twist - from the classic dress/jacket in quirky prints and textures to the charming multi-fabric handbag - love!

Describe your work dress style: My work dress style is creative corporate. I dress up in shift dresses and pencil skirts for meetings and events, but most days I am relaxed in pretty tops, floral circle skirts and patterned dresses. I try to choose work clothes that I can wear on the weekends too. I like to add some creativity to my outfits with jewellery I’ve made myself or a unique brooch I’ve picked up from a craft market, gallery or Etsy.
Favourite shops/brands/websites for workwear? I love Cue. If I had a money tree, all my clothes would be from Cue. I save my Cue clothes for special occasions. Most of my work clothes are from Target or Temt. I enjoy the search for gems at these stores, and my colleagues are often impressed with my ability to source clothes that look way more expensive than what I paid for them. is a great online store – I have bought some Mink Pink and Sunny Girl beauties. I also like scouring ebay for clothes that I can no longer find in stores – I have bought some of the Designer for Target range from eBay as well as Country Road, Cue and Mimco.

Your inspirations for work attire/style? I love reading fashion blogs to get inspiration – I am currently loving All Cats are Grey at Night, Faux Fuschia, Flair to Remember and Dirty Hair Halo, and of course, this site! I admire colleagues, uni friends and people in the street and read InStyle and Shop Til You Drop.

Also, I saw your ‘of substance’ section on the coming soon page and wanted you to know I am a volunteer mentor for young people with chronic illnesses at the royal children’s hospital. You can view more about the program here – – I am happy to provide more information to you if you’d like it. It’s a great cause and I am so privileged to be a part of these young peoples’ lives. I told you this girl is inspiring. Thanks Carly!

I love the ruffle detail on these very sweet round-toe pumps - perfect accessories to add personality to any office ensemble.

PS: for any fellow closet-creatives, I can highly recommend Work in Colour for helpful resources on trying to make a go of the things you’re good at and enjoy…


  1. Carly looks amazing (nothing new there though). I too admire her and wish I had her natural sense of style. When I win the lottery, I intend to pay her loads to be my personal stylist.

    Thanks for this, is fantastic.

  2. I love Carlys outfit here, what an awesome post!


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