A Sunshine Empire

Oh Melbourne, when your sun shines; what a difference it makes to the joie de vivre of your streets! Over the weekend I was much delighted to cast off winter layers and explore the city on foot where I came across Milestones, a smartly dressed jazz quartet, tucked into one of Melbourne’s favourite laneways. Youthful they might be but already clued into workrobe staples for anyone trying to make a good impression. Xx Cheryl

Milestones Jazz Quartet

A sharply-tailored white shirt is a staple for any wardrobe.

A blazer is another wise investment, an example here of the key role it plays in adding schmic to an ensemble.

It might still be cold there in the shadows so do still keep a scarf handy!

A cardigan is another warm layer option for those in Contemporary Business Wear ~ just add tie for extra formality.


  1. What a good looking bunch! Nice work Chez! You have a knack for spotting great looking boys! xx

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