Cherry Reds and Tie, Spotty.

Often I see couples on the commute to and from work and can’t help but note the cuteness of their outfit contrast or co-ordination. Here we have a  example of the former. She appears to be in a Creative line of work while he, Corporate. However, I much like the details that show both have a flair for charm and penchant for colour which unifies them. Xx Cheryl

Veronica & Stefan

headband 2dollar shop coat Leona Filips hoody & bag these are my mum’s skirt second-hand gloves Sportsgirl boots Betts

frames D&G coat brand is Spicer and I got it from a military store suit Jack London shirt Oxford tie DÉCLIC cardigan Oxford shoes Florsheim but I actually got these at Savers brolly Popular Penguins umbrella scarf Friends Couture 

Functional gloves are perfectly co-ordinated with sweet bow and matching lippy adding a unique sense of style to this Creative ensemble.

Utterly charming print and colour ~ a great bag in a classic shape will brighten up any outfit whether for work or play.

Contrasting prints in stripey cardigan and spotty tie add personality to a Corporate ensemble

Functional and timeless carry-all for the man on the go.

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