Friday FreeStyler

We close off this week of Business Chic with a Creative freestyler whose work as an artist allows him to break free of any dresscode, such as Melbourne black, to his own hue of natural. I like how this is complemented with accessories featuring nature’s finest amber but have included some notes based on my observation of man chains in the bureau – do let me know if you disagree and I’d love if any exceptions could be shared…  Hope you have a great weekend! Xx Cheryl


hat Dangerfield shirt Dangerfield pants Zara jacket comes from the Retro Star shop on corner of Swanston St and Flinders Lane. Amber pendant Zinacantan Mexico. The oldest amber in the world. Red amber from the ring is the most beautiful colour from the hard ambers. There is also black amber but is very soft and frail. Google could help to get more info regarding amber.

Creative blokes are able to show personal style via pendants such as the great amber piece sported by Beto here. However dear gents in Corporate or Contemporary Business Wear offices, please I beg you, do not try this during business hours, yes even on Smart Casual days. The frames on the otherhand are versatile for work and play. yay!

Work dress style: I like it creative because it gives you the freedom to be casual and stylish.
Favourite shops/websites for clothing?
I have to say that I’m very random with my clothing. I supose, you just have to keep an eye open on what it is available out there and try to challenge the boring Melbourne-Black dressing code.
The only regular thing is a Tailor online from Hoi An who does special clothing for you, even footwear tailor made. His email is You just have to send him a photo or a drawing of your desired garment and he does it at a reasonable price and postage is included. There are also a few online shops offering the same service.
Favoured coffe source venue: Kerynia Cafe 354 Smith Street. The best Soy Chai Latte in town. Trust me I tried almost all the recomended cofe shops in Smith St. and Brunswick St. and I became a regular to this place. Besides the staff is so friendly. It really makes a difference.

Footwear for the Creative or Smart Casual gent.

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