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This post has been updated to capture developments that have taken place since it was originally published in October 2010

We close off this week of Business Chic by featuring one of my partners in crime, Lara McPherson. Lara and I met on the interwebs, in fact you can read all about it in the October Cleo, (pg112)! Observant Business Chicizens may have noticed that I contribute to THE ACEFANTASTIC (previously called ThreeChics on a Trip) eco-chic tourism project which is made up of Lara, Lou and myself. Launched by our living on display at the State of Design Festival earlier this year, the project sees us travelling around regional Victoria to see what individuals and local businesses are doing about sustainability, design and produce at the grassroots level but in style. We feel the responsibility to be green and are ourselves inspired by the offering of clever designers/ farmers/ individuals that enable us to do so with the added privilege of not having to get mean/lean on style. Check out THE ACE FANTASTIC for more! Check out Lara’s work documenting slow.ethical.sustainable fashion at Wardrobe Wonderland or listen to her in this interview on Triple R.


sunglasses stolen from Cheryl scarf Shag blazer Savers top handmade by my sister jeans Cheap Monday from Fat satchel Vintage Cobb and Co on ebay bangles dinosaur designs, various op shops watch Fossil shoes Django and Juliette

This cheerful and colourful multi-print scarf is Lara's signature piece in casual and creative workwear environs. Those are my sunglasses.

What are you about?
Pretty things. Art, music, french, learning. Slow living and quality of life, changing behaviours to a way of consuming that is not so harmful to the environment and that is sustainable long term. To that end, I manage a slow fashion blog called Wardrobe Wonderland.

Favourite shops/brands/websites for workwear?
I try not to buy new clothes, unless they are handmade by local artisans. I keep an eye out at op shops and vintage stores for well tailored pieces in good condition or scour ebay for shoes and bags. I love markets for jewellery, art and recycled goodies.
Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your workrobe?
I have only a limited wardrobe and tend to only buy pieces I really love, so I get a lozt of wear out of most of them. This jacket in particular has been well loved. It has earned its $5 price tag. The scarf too tends to get a good run when I need a burst of colour.

Pre-loved accessories add charm to Lara's Creative workwear. The beauty thereof is that the pieces also add polish to non-work ensembles, a good example of having less material goods but which are used more.

Your inspirations for work attire/style?
Often vintage photos and films, sometimes street style photos, particularly european styling and a longing for some more travel. I go from super feminine shapes of the 50s and 60s or the glamour of the 20s, 30s and 40s, to the convenience of more masculine blazers and jeans. Convenience often wins.
Publications/sites you like for updates in your industry or just find interesting?
On the fashion side, I always enjoy flipping through print publications with a gorgeous aesthetic but unachievable pricetag, for sheer fantasy – Vogue, Vogue France, Vogue Living, Russh are all lovely. But also mags like Peppermint, Industrie, Dumbo Feather, F#cking Recycle, Slow Magazine and the A2. I spend a lot of time online and I love seeing what local folk are up to on sites like Trespass, ThreeThousand, OnyaMag, The Agenda Daily and Thelma Magazine but also I like The Sartorialist, Jak and Jil, Treehugger. I love seeing what interests other people on blogs like Foodhands, CycleStyle, and of course Business Chic! I try to get as much info from as many different sources as possible, particularly around sustainability practises and principles.

Patent shine adds polish to Lara's workwear.

PS: Business Chic is taking a break over Cup Weekend, wish you all a safe one and if you really would like some workwear inspiration, there will be updates on the Business Chic Facebook Page – please like us! Xx


  1. i LOVE vintage, recycled, and eco-friendly fashion!!! each piece is obviously hand-selected for the interesting story it tells. great outfit!

  2. Hot shots girls!

  3. Love it! And love both of you! And hugs for TheAgendaDaily and Peppermint mentions! xox

  4. I love her scarf.

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