Secret Wars

On Wednesday October 13th, I followed tweets to Secret Wars. Think Fight Club but this, Business Chic-izens, is the  battle of two artists. Their weapons? Black paint pens and white walls. There are rules. There is a crowd. The first battle may have been a secret but word~ secret’s out. Scroll below to peruse the Polished Smart Casual spotted in the crowd; scroll further for a snap of the artists and details of the next battle. Xx Cheryl


shirt, vest, tie & belt Jack London jeans Dr Denim watch Swatch

Charming combination of stripey shirt, textured vest and simple black tie which anchors the Polished element of this Smart Casual ensemble.

For lunch, Justin particularly likes to have an apple, banana and a bag of almonds and coffee from Brother Baba Budan

Nice deets here for the Smart Casual gentleman who appreciates finer details. I like the belt buckle, and simple stylish shape of this Swatch watch. The brown leather belt itself also adds charm to this look.

 Secret Wars

It is a pretty pic below but tis not all the spoils of this war. Not captured here are two men getting down on their knees to create Art (literally); the moment a [cheese]-streaker threw cheese at the great white wall (cleverly utilised by Itchy); catchy beats played by the DJ (e.g. Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song, some tunes from TLC and a hit from ’94 Gangsters Paradise. don’t ask how I know that); ridiculously impressive artwork on display by other artists and electric atmosphere. Dangerous stuff for a wet night in Melbourne. Props to sponsors for getting in early on the game – this war is going to get wild.

Battle 1: Scale vs Bryan Itch

Next Battle: November 10, 2010 at 1000 £ BEND (thousand pound bend) – 361 Little Lonsdale, Melbourne.


  1. Hey Cheryl, Thanks for the comments. I like this shot of Justin. He has a cool style and I like the colour palette. Doesn’t look like he tried to hard to get this look happening


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