Beauty in the Everyday

We close off this week of Business Chic with a Creative whose charming frames caught my eye. I love how his work is reflected in his workwear; twisted braces and haphazhard paint splatters are very appropriate in his profession as an artist and wow those frames! They are the perfect bold statement required to anchor this artistic ensemble.  Bravo! Xx Cheryl


This man wears his work all over his chest! Also love the braces and the striking tortoise-shell personality-filled frames.

Invest well in classic leather shoes that can be re-soled to prolong their wear. Love the paint splatters on these too, appropriate in this line of work!


  1. That’s such a fun outfit! It seems to match his personality perfectly.

  2. Oh, he’s gorgeous! 🙂 love how his look is authentic too!

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