Covered ~ wind, rain or shine!

Melbourne ~ the city of four seasons in one day. While the sun did at times shine on The Race That Stops The Nation, we also spotted miserably pale blue misses shivering in the inevitable rain & wind of the day. At Business Chic, we like to see capable folks who dress according to the season/s. Much like the lass pictured below who sports a neutral trench over a frilly party frock; easy to don/shed according to the whims of the weather. Also handy, smartly-clad lad to carry the brolly. Scroll further down for some fun pink ladies who added colour when Melbourne was grey… Xx Cheryl

We like it when ladies bring their own coats; brolly and a gent to carry it, handy also.

A well-cut suit, we really love the pink shirt & kerchief contrast with blue tie. Mega smart.

We do not blame the grass for wanting to stick to these smart side-stiched stylers. Very nice.

Smart party shoes? Win. Appropriate cover from pelting rain? Win. Fun day out with the girls? TRIFECTA!

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