Hats off to a Lovely Frock

It’s the classic grecian drape of this frock that had me at hello. Easy, breezey and yet ever so elegant ~ makes the perfect impression at a classy event. Hats off to you, Billie!  Xx Cheryl


Wonderful hat sets-off this lovely ensemble accessorised simply with a classic strand of pearls. Chunky silver joint ring adds youthful and stylish flair.

Roberto Cavallis ~ a feat of engineering provides comfort without the chunky of a wedge heel. Marvellous.

I could not resist sharing this wonderful classic but freshly-styled hat. Wonderful!


  1. Those shoes are swwweeeet. What’s that holes-punched-in-leather technique called again?

  2. Absolutely love that outfit – great contrasts of the draping and relaxed style with the structured hat and shoes. Thanks for sharing.

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