It’s a double!

While the racewear component of Business Chic is largely wrapped up, I could not resist sharing a few more photos of some dapper lads at the races whose Polished form sure do impress. Xx Cheryl


Navy suit is a classic, invest in quality fabrics for an heirloom-worthy number.

Bold but classic watch face makes a statement.

Grey suits are a great alternative to the darker shades...

Subtle belt buckle detail adds interest to a classic black belt.


  1. hello boys! 🙂 haha!

  2. Such dashing lads. More please…..

    • Fourth Daughter – we did work hard (well relative to our fellow racegoers!) to capture the chic – glad you like.
      valentish – now now, don’t you go putting off menfolk! Belts are a very important accessory for the gents and we are always very professional. always.
      Rina – hope our next post doesn’t let you down too much, maybe we could get you to fill out our survey?? Best!

  3. I suspect the bottom pic was just an excuse to zero in on a crotch.

  4. Where did you find these handsome lads!? I didn’t see anyone even HALF as decent looking (or sober!!) when I went to the races!

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