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In the nine months of Business Chic’s existence, I have featured the styles of people I encounter on the streets of Melbourne on their way to work. Once, while on holiday interstate, I even did a week-long feature on the business-chicizens of Sydney. Recently we had fillies and lads gallivanting at the races. Today’s featuree, to my admittedly-very-limited knowledge, did not get any of these privileges. He didn’t get to do what the rest of us take for granted: get dressed for the day and join the hustle and bustle, pounding the pavement to get to the workplace. As I do that today, I’ll be thinking about Ahmad Al Akabi, 41, father and husband. I wonder what he would have worn to work on the streets of Melbourne or Sydney, had he been given the chance. R.I.P.

Collins Street, Melbourne

Martin Place, Sydney

Photograph of Ahmad Al Akabi

As a mark of respect for Ahmad Al Akabi and in support of the remaining detainees at Villawood striking for certainty on the progress of their cases, this is the last post for Business Chic this week.   Apologies for any inconvenience… Xx Cheryl.

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  1. Katrina Nelson says

    Well done Cheryl, it doesn’t take much to stop and think, while we obsess about the little things (everyday about how to present ourselves) there are much bigger issues that we should be focusing on. If only I put in as much effort to rallying a cause as I do everyday/evening when I look at my closet, I could make a difference!

    • Hi Katrina, thank you for your comment. I realise that this is a fashion blog but where possible appreciate the opportunity to reflect on things… and whilst I am mindful of not getting preachy, I don’t think that fashion and things of substance need to be mutually exclusive. Thanks for your comment which confirms my belief. Xx Cheryl

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