Off to the races!

Whether it’s the excitement of matching fabulous hats to new frocks, handsome besuited blokes or the simple fact that the pinnacle event brings us our first public holiday in a number of months; the Spring Racing Carnival holds a special place in the hearts of Melburnians for many a reason. Over the next fortnight, I’ll be sharing the racewear that caught my eye on Cup Day and the touches that may inspire your ensembles for the upcoming office party season. Not long now. Xx Cheryl


 dress & shoes Scanlan & Theodore necklace House of Baulch clutch vintage from American Rag Traders

Chunky necklace with eye-catching bejewelled feature contrasts with the co-ordinated hat & frock.

Classic snakeskin-patterned gold clutch adds a festive touch.

Wedges are great for the races~ adds height but allows wearer to walk across lawn sensibly and comfortably. Applicable to all festive surfaces. Win!

PS: Love the print of this dress and would love to see it worn in the office with a tailored black blazer and pumps. Very versatile.

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