These [Gum]boots were made for walkin’

We have been experiencing the four seasons here in Melbourne town. From 30degrees and sunshine on Friday to torrential downpour on the Saturday ~ who would’ve known that in Spring, we’d still be needing our gumboots. Today’s featuree shows how to incorporate a polished version of this much-loved garden/festival staple, into our workwear. Xx Cheryl


cashmere scarf This was a birthday present coat Saba bag Rabeanco gumboots Ferragamo

A welcome touch of colour lightens May's noir Contemporary Business Wear ensemble.

A chic pair of gumboots means May's good workshoes aren't spoilt by commuting in Melbourne's rainy season. In Contemporary Business Wear environs, May could probably get away with wearing these all day. However if client facing, I'd advise on changing to black pumps.

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