And BAM the man!

It is the party season so we close off this week of Business Chic with the style of a  freelance producer for fashion photography, advertising, short films, fashion parades, events, theatre and PR. Yes this is one stylish and busy Creative whom I was able to stop for a moment and photograph at a BAM Brands event. I love the sharpness of Dean’s polished ensemble and think that it is a perfect example of the options gents have to put in some effort and dress up at a festive event. BAM!


jacket Hem & Haw shirt American Apparel tie an old one I’ve had for ages and can’t remember where it’s from Bracelet H&M New York pants  21 Man (from New York) shoes  Marsu Homme

While I can't advocate beads with Corporate attire, these beads add the individual touch to Dean's Creative ensemble. A great mix of contrasting shapes, these accessories also add depth to Dean's look.

Wow! What fabulous boots - these laced up numbers add the BAM to Dean's ensemble. Such statement-making numbers are a very worthwhile investment.


  1. I love his look, so casual. The boots are amazing, I need to find a pair like that too.

  2. Megababe – also bringing his creative style to The Spirit of the Black Dress 2011!

  3. Dean’s around town all the time Cec – I’ll intro you two next time 🙂

  4. He looks very familiar…

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