Garance Doré

As we close for 2010, a little moment to reflect on the first ten months of Business Chic. This time last year, Business Chic was still just becoming an idea. I had long loved the work of streetstyle photographers such as Garance Doré and had an inkling that I’d like to pick up the highschool photography I’d left behind a decade earlier. But I needed an angle. It would take another month before looking around my environment that I would realised what was right there all around me; my family, friends, colleagues, strangers on the street – it was, you are, Business Chic. And so here ten months or so on, I present to you the snaps I took when I got to meet my streetstyle photographer heroine, Garance Doré . Please forgive my photography here as I was as ridiculously nervous as Garance was impeccably charming when I interrupted her work scouting for an upcoming campaign.   


I love the statement gold ring and red nails against Garance's neutral ensemble.

A classic skinny brown belt cinches in Garance's Creative workwear ensemble.


Ahhh a touch of summer by way of strappy sandals - hope you enjoyed your stay, Garance!

So that was my Christmas coming early! 😛 Now wishing you all a very safe and Merry Christmas and a happy and fulfilling New Year. Truly, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and visit Business Chic; I hope that we helped keep your workwear inspired or at least added some colour to your workday!  Business Chic will return in early 2011… fingers-crossed that we’ll have some time to incorporate feedback provided by so many of you throughout the year so we can bring you a more inspiring Business Chic! Xx Cheryl

Cheryl & Garance


  1. I love Garance. I’m so in love with her works she does. She is stunning, funny, clever and sssssssooooooo beautiful ouhhhh beautiful and chic. J’adore Garance 😉

  2. Beautiful photos Cheryl! What a wonderful experience it would have been to meet the lovely Garance:D


    • Hi Lisa – it was pretty ace I must say, although my hands were shaking when taking these images so I hope I get another chance to photograph Garance one day…

  3. @Keflex, I’m not sure what better reflects passion than having the guts to photograph perfect strangers on the street! If you do not like what you see, then simply leave the site… no need to leave nasty comments that add zero value. Keep your black thoughts and bad karma to yourself.

    • @Nicole @lou – thank you so much for your comments lovelies! I’ve been advised that Keflex is probably a bot but if anything; appreciate your support muchly. and just quietly – I love your work too. Keep inspiring!

  4. It’s almost like you’re just a toxic troll. Crawl back into your hole would you? I’ve never met anyone more passionate than the lady who runs this blog. Not to mention gorgeous, gracious and friendly. Kinda like the opposite of you.

  5. I have to say that Im really unimpressed with this. I mean, sure, youve got some very interesting points. But this blog is just really lacking in something. Maybe its content, maybe its just the design. I dont know. But its almost like you wrote this because everybodys doing it. No passion at all.

  6. oooh thank you for all your comments! It was an honour to meet Garance and our thanks for her allowing us to feature her on Business Chic! Xx

  7. I’m new to your blog (thanks for posting on mine.. it’s NICE to meet you!!) and I really like it here! (o:
    You are such a lucky girl.. I adore Garance. She’s so lovely/funny/charming/talented!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  8. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Just had to stop in and say how exciting for you! I absolutely love Garance too, these are wonderful photos of her. 🙂

  9. Great post Cheryl. I love Garance’s work, blog and sense of humor. Really like the photos you have here

  10. I love Garance Dore. She’s such a alented photographer and is really stylish herself. I love her shoes here.
    So lucky that you got to meet her.

  11. This is such a great blog! I’ll be joining the workforce soon and your photos could be great inspiration and reference. 😀

  12. Lovely blog and great post!
    Garance seems so charming in these photos.

    ciao bella!

    Felicia S.

  13. First off, let me begin by telling you how absolutely lovely I think you blog is! I really enjoy your writing, it is so engaging 🙂 I think it is amazing that you got to meet a photographer that you look up to so much, I can only imagine how nervous/excited you must have been! The photos came out so nice, I really like the outfit she was wearing. Great post and I hope you are having a very happy 2011 so far!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  14. I can’t believe I missed her!

    Great photos! Well done for capturing such a beautiful and inspiring lady. Hope you’re having a great Christmas hun!

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