Tailored blues

One morning, when in need of getting my thoughts into order, I found myself at Mario’s (famed for good coffee and an egalitarian first-come-first-serve approach which meant they refused a reservation from Jerry Seinfeld when he was here on tour!) asking for a strong latte and to photograph today’s featuree. I like this Contemporary Business Wear ensemble that has good measures of polish and charm all nipped in neatly with a smartly-fitted vest. Also to note are the relaxed fit of Bosun’s trousers which suit the mood of his creative environs but those in more conservative dresscodes may opt for a more tailored fit.  Xx Cheryl


A classic workwear ensemble for those with a creative streak.

 shirt & trousers Dangerfield vest Retrostar tie Chapel Street Bazaar belt it was a present shoes Myer 

Prints please - I like the contrast of the pinstripe vest against the checkered print shirt. Also like how the tie perfectly ties this ensemble together, as a good tie should!

Great belt. A unique number that individualises Bosun's workwear.

These images first appeared in this post for small(Lust)


  1. Love the vest Cheryl. A great piece for guys wardrobe.

    Lee x

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