When Opportunity beckons

Today’s photo was taken during a weekend away with the girls when Lara insisted that we all take a break and head to the country – hurrah! Forced to explore charming country towns instead of the Internet, we found much bounty in the town’s opportunity shops. I love how Katrina managed to put together a whole workwear look from her finds. Xx Cheryl


blouse & trousers vintage finds from the opportunity shop in Elmore necklace borrowed from a friend bag Country Road boots Hype 

I love the blue-on-blue of Katrina's blouse and pants and the contrast this stylish but functional bag provides.

What inspires your workwear style?  I’m really liking 80s pants at the moment – the movie Cocktail really inspires me -there is a business woman who has this powerful style that appeals to me.
Where do you like to get your coffee? The Grocery Bar in Fitzroy
Publications you like? Why BC and wardrobe wonderland, of course!


Closed-toes are a safety requirement in Katrina's field, these suede ankle boots are compliant and in style.


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