Boys in the beergarden

In recent years the entertainment for patrons has expanded beyond the showcourts to the new Grand Slam Oval which is essentially a beer garden with a big screen showing a game live for those who are here to watch the tennis. It is also the perfect vantage point to enjoy an after-work drink with mates and soak up the atmosphere! Much like today’s Contemporary Business Wear (without their jackets and rolled up sleeves; although cufflinks were presented to me as evidence of more formal attire donned earlier in the day) featurees whose enjoyment of the proceedings is somewhat captured here!

Ran & James

A fun pair of colourful but classic sunglasses which are also a souvenir from holidays gone by. I like how they've been paired with a pink pin-stripe shirt that in this ensemble, acts as a subtle backdrop to the colourful frames.


A great little casio watch, has such charm but also befitting of Ran's profession as an accountant!

The look here is very Tom Cruise a la Risky Business - timeless and fun.



  1. Hi Ran – why thank you for allowing me to photograph on a fun day indeed and for visiting Business Chic – don’t forget you can share us with your friends; ! Xx

  2. was an epic day,top photos Cheryl, definitely taking a few style cues off busichic

  3. he looks a little like Barack 😀

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