The fix that we are in

Dear Business Chicizen, welcome to the first post of the year but oh my – what a fix we are in! For those who haven’t heard, la niña has brought heavy rains to our lands meaning that I have not had the chance to capture any Business Chic. However more serious than an interruption to a workwear streetstyle fashion blog (and I hope that you will bear with me), the rains have disrupted many lives up north in Queensland. As such, I’m using this post to cast light on a hero of old and share some opportunities for heroes of new to help those affected by the floods. Fingers-crossed also for those Victorians* who are facing rising waters over the course of today. 

Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop 

He looks real from here, non?

And so it was just my luck that on the day that the weather finally cleared up, the only “person” I found Business Chic enough was, a statue! However, to be fair, this is not just any statue. It is one that whenever I walk past, I like to make a point of visiting for it commemorates a special chap indeed. 

Sir Weary Dunlop

“His nickname might have been Weary but his nature certainly wasn’t.” < Click on the link for a brief run down on Weary’s legendary efforts taking care of Australian soldiers imprisoned by the Japanese during World War Two.  

A tribute left by a previous visitor adds to Weary's charm 😉

I'm not sure if this is helmet of sorts but to me it looks like a hat and again, a very charming one at that.

* Fingers-crossed for Lara McPherson of Wardrobe Wonderland and the family holiday home in Echuca. 

Australia Day Fundraisers for Queensland Floods  

75% of Queensland state has been called a disaster zone and desperately needs cash to support those affected by the floods.  January 26th is Australia Day and two groups I admire are organising events to raise funds for those in Queensland affected by the floods; Victorian Restaurants Unite and Onya Magazine

An image from the Queensland floods (image from Victorian Restaurants Unite)

One of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne, Church Street Enoteca is spearheading the Victorian Restaurants Unite initiative for Victorian restaurants, suppliers and individuals to join forces and host events to raise funds for those affected by the Queensland floods.  Church Street Enoteca themselves will be hosting a  Great Tuscan BBQ lunch – Featuring traditional grilled vegetables, fish, meats & salads. Price includes food, wine & soft drink for $100 p/h.  Desserts will be supplied by Pierrick Boyer’s Le Petit Gateau. Also great to see Windsor Deli and Is It Cafe signing up over the weekend with their own offers for customers, the latter also donating all tips until the end of January to the flood relief. Amazing efforts, the least I feel I can do is support these businesses 😉   

For more details on participating restaurants – keep checking the Victorian Restaurants Unite website for updates and consider asking your favourite restaurant or cafe to unite! 

Alistair Dobbs (center), General Manager at Church Street Enoteca, and some of the faces supporting Victorian Restaurants Unites.

Back in November last year, we featured the sunshiney-style of Onya magazine’s editor, Sandi Sieger.

Representing Onya magazine, here is editor Sandi (as she appeared on Business Chic back in November) whose team is planning a shindig at The Honey Bar to raise funds for the flood relief!

The team at Onya Magazine  have joined forces with South Melbourne venue The Honey Bar to host a fundraiser. From the words of the Onya team>

Onya Aid will host a silent auction of items from Australian companies, and a live auction at 2pm for big ticket items. There will also be live music, Byron Cooke spinning disks and local Melbourne identities in attendance.
Entry to the event is just $5 on the door, with 100% of proceeds from admission, auctions, donations and Honey Bar profits being contributed directly to the cause.
Come along for some lunch, a drink or two, and share in the mateship that makes this country so strong.    

Perfectly put, Onya! I’m hoping to work out a package Business Chic can donate to help the effort but otherwise will simply support by attending the above events with my friends and family and hope you, dear Business Chicizen, can too!

<regular Business Chic posts to resume soon, weather permitting>


  1. Such a great post! Those floods are making me so sad.:( On a positive note, love the statue. :)SArahD x

  2. You do amazing work to spread kindness and charity. I am really proud to know you and call you a friend xx

  3. Terrific post! Thank you for providing the details on some terrific ways for people support those affected by floods. Keep up the good work, Busichic.

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