Working the Grand Slam

Welcome to a new week of Business Chic where we’ll be bringing you workwear fashion as spotted during the Australian Open – the first Grand Slam tournament on the tennis calendar! Today we feature a mish-mash of sports fan and Smart Casual. I came upon The Banter boys – a sports-radio duo who were working amongst the after-work crowd, seeking soundbites for their sports radio program. The lads snapped a pic of me for their site and I thought it only fair to return the favour. So without further ado, here are Bids and Lenny >

Bids & Lenny

Sunglasses are a must for the Australian Open but also provide discreet cover for scouting potential interviewees.

The Banter vox pops-ing Business Chic for 96.5 Inner FM


  1. Well you looked super cute! And their sunglasses are definitely very nice, although I could have done without the socks and trainers. 😉

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