$30 Date Night ~ Valentine’s Day

Love doesn't quite grow on trees (although we do think that the image sure is pretty!)

Today is Valentines Day which we like to think of as a reminder that love should be appreciated everyday. However, the last time we checked, love doesn’t quite grow on trees. It can be a lot of hard work. Which is why we wanted to share with you a wonderfully useful resource for both couples and couple-wannabes, 30 Dollar Date Night.

Emma & Denis

Emma and Denis are the creative pair behind 30 Dollar Date Night – the site where they share ideas on how to fire up or keep love alive; all within the constraints of real-life things, like budgets.  To celebrate today being Valentine’s Day,  Business Chic photographed this couple on two great date  ideas which we think may inspire the work you do; whether it’s setting things up on the first date or rekindling the flame when you’ve been going steady for some time

Denis' post, "D is for Dumplings" had us in stitches - click on this image to read his review! PS: And for the record, Business Chic approves of dumplings as date food 😛

So Happy Valentines Day, Business Chicizen! For even more ideas on great dates, may we suggest you lock in some quality time to get acquainted with 30 Dollar Date Night! And if you need an idea on where to get started, here’s one of the many posts we recommend, “Why $30 Date Night?

From the post, 5 Perfect Date Ideas Beginning with P, Pack a Picnic!

And if you’re in need of a great date idea QUICK SMART – you simply must check out thirtydollardatenight.com where Emma and Den have loaded their date ideas into a random date generator as well as date ideas in City Guides! So clever, easy to use and a bit of fun if you’re stuck for something to do! Xx


  1. Such stunning photos of Emma and Denis! Nice work Chez x

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