A smokin’ business suit


sunglasses Roberto Cavalli suit Studio Atelier shirt Boston Brothers tie Rhodes & Beckett belt David Jones watch baume & mercier shoes Florsheim

Good grooming and a well-selected pair of sunglasses complement Roger's classic business suit.

Hair product~ Roger uses soft rock

I love this classic timepiece.

A publication that Roger likes on the style front; Front. A British version of say, FHM.

Nice shoes are one thing but well-polished shoes are a must in achieving a well - polished work ensemble. Nice work, Roger!

For after work drinks, Roger recommends – Rooftop Bar.


  1. Oh my! We agree it’s a great suit but sounds like you know Roger? 😉

  2. Great suit but doesn’t he pull it off well! What a stylish guy, I’d love to get to know him, I’m sure he’s got an awesome girlfriend or is batting below his average.
    I’m sold

  3. oooh great shoes!! I love his watch too- maybe we can have a ‘who-has-the-biggest-watch’ competition

    • Hi Candice – thank you so much for your message! oooh the old corporate promo tee- you’re right, they are tricky but I have seen some good examples of late. The challenging part for me is to convince ‘company representatives’ to allow me to photograph them but I shall work on it. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think of the rest of Business Chic, once you’ve had a good look around of course 🙂

      Cecylia – why miss – this competition might be coming closer than you’d thought! thank you for your comment and please come again soon 😉

  4. Hi C,

    Wow. What a great website! Very Sartorialist. I like your focus on business wear. I think the scope of what to wear in the workplace has widen so much in recent years that it has actually become a little tricky to know what’s appropriate.

    Oh, and what does one do with those horrible corporate promo teeshirts???? I believe it’s impossible to look chic wearing one of those… but maybe you’ve found someone who succeeded???

    I can’t wait to have a look around properly…

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