Business Casual in style


Termed Smart Casual in Australia or Business Casual in the northern hemisphere, this category for workwear can lead to confusion so as a clarification, here’s a duo who show how to go casual in style! Andy on the left is the more casual of the two but still displays much polish by way of beaut blazer, dark denim and personality-poppin shoes. Ben on the right ups the individuality factor with a chic hat that tops off his polished take on Smart Casual/Business cas- oh that look when you can be more relaxed at work but still want to look self-respectin’! Check out today’s epsiode of Business Chic TV for the low-down on the labels that are keeping these gents in style!

Andy and Ben

Beautiful blazers and we always like a hat!

Andy's Onitsuka's killed Bill and kills us with its intense burst of colour pay-off, adding fun to Andy's Smart Casual 😛

Thanks Ben for sharing the detail; cropped navy sock contrasts beautifully with vintage lace-ups. LOVE this look!

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