Do you have a dollar?

In this weekend edition of Business Chic, we feature the stylin of Team Thelma. Our friends at Thelma magazine* are holding a fundraiser for those affected by the Queensland floods at 1000 £ bend; Business Chic’s favourite art gallery/cafe/cinema venue in Melbourne. To support the cause, we at Business Chic have donated a personal styling and photo session which is being raffled off at $1 a ticket!  Bargain! 

Pictured next to the money tree- flyers for Business Chic personal styling & photo session ~ one of the prizes you can win through Thelma's raffle for Flood Relief!

So without further ado, here is the style of Editor, Kealey Nutt, whom we photographed last year for Zoo Victoria’s Beads for Wildlife program! For more shots of Team Thelma and some of the streetstyle we spotted at today’s market, please tune in to the Thelma magazine blog!

Thelma Editor Kealey, models her new cape purchased at today's Flood Relief market at 1000 bend.

This girl has got the love; personality EXCESS-ory says it all.

Sweet summer footwear in a hue that fits the free-styling of an inspiring young Creative.

If you’re in Melbourne’s CBD, we recommend you stop by 1000 £ bend in your lunchbreak or after work and check out the artwork up for silent auction to raise further funds for Flood Relief. Supporting Australian talent and Aussies in need – you can even bid or donate via the interwebs – all details here.

*nb: the website can NOT be viewed in Internet Explorer; try alternate browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Mozilla etc


  1. Love this whole outfit – bright and colourful for summer, yet a little warmer with the cape since Melbourne’s summer has been somewhat non-existent this year! NHGx

    • @NHG – so sad re: Melbourne’s lack of summer weather but we can’t wait to see more of Kealey’s cape out and about town, especially now that she’s cycling!

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