Further study

Further study is imperative for most looking to achieve expertise in their industry. We spotted today’s Business Chicizen heading for home laden with bags full of books. We like his preppy take on Contemporary Business Wear that has not been weighed down by the responsibilities of his role and study.


shirt Industrie tie FCUK pants calibre belt can’t remember where this one is from backpack from a conference in KL shoes da Vinci

Like the contrast of this utilitarian belt against the preppy gingham shirt & tie combo.

For skincare, Licardo finds that L’Oreal mens moisturizer and wash are quite good after big night while cocoa butter is a favourite during the summer after days spent at the beach.
For afterwork drinks, Licardo opts for The Carlton or World.

Chronograph watch makes a bold statement.


  1. I’m not a fan of gingham and who goes to World?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Sophie, thanks for your comment – you’re entitled to your opinion, we love gingham! Haven’t been to World just yet but to each their own! 😉

  2. Can I say H.O.T.
    I need to come on photography excursions with you.

    • oh Carly! I spotted Licardo whilst I was running late to meet friends for drinks – hey maybe we just need to meet up for drinks! 😉 Xx

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