Man with ice-cream


Summer is a confusing time for workwear. For instance, while it might be scorching outside, oft over-zealous air-conditioning in the office will send one running to the warmth of the photocopier. Not ideal. For ladies, I always recommend a sleeveless shift dress for outside and a lightweight cardigan to throw on indoors- personally I look for merino wool options. For the gents, often rolled up/down workshirts suffice but if not, today’s featuree displays some playful sartorial and gastronomical options for dealing with the extremes in temperature!


For details of Ben’s ensemble, make sure you check out the episode of Business Chic TV at the top of this post! 

Epaulet detail is masculine and classic touch.

A beautifully-made leather satchel is timeless and will only get better with age.

This might look rude, however the yellow object is a banana carrier. It facilitates the carrying of bananas without them being bruised when you need your potassium. Handy!


  1. Hot bearded man in purple jumper! Yes please!

  2. I love the detail on she shoulders
    very nice =)


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