Ti amo

Today’s featuree has a name but I do not know it. She was cycling (with a helmet on) when I ran down the road after her, asking to take her picture. These images of her Creative ensemble were snapped as I stood in the middle of the road, nervously keeping the other eye out for advancing traffic. But it was worth it! And she looked so the perfect picture, a gentleman even ran over and insisted he be photographed with her. Then she had to leave and this moment; it was gone.

Wonderful vintage styling - I love the lapel accessories (what is the proper term for these?) and how the ladylike ensemble and lippy is emboldened by her punk hair.

I find that wedges are stylish but functional for cycling when hills are not in abundance.


  1. I think they’re sweater guards.
    Frocks and Frou Frou blogged about it: http://frocksandfroufrou.com/2010/08/guarded/

  2. Man, she cycles in those wedges?!??! Props!

    • @LadyMelbourne awww thank you for your comment Lady Melbourne!
      And yes, she sure does! An inspiring dose of cycle and business chic, me thinks but from my own experience I probably wouldn’t recommend wedges for cycling up hills!

      @CarlyFindlay – how good are you!? I love Frocks & Frou Frou and what another wonderful post from her – thanks for the linkity link!

  3. The things on her collar look like dress clips. They usually go on the straps of a dress near the bustline to keep your bra in place or just to be decorative. You can put them anywhere I guess! They look super cute 😀 Love her outfit!

  4. OMG how cute is that? Love her bright lipstick.

    • @Trude, yes isn’t it! I wish I’d time to ask her where it’s from!

      @Esz Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I am a big fan of vintage but have never come across dress clips before; will certainly make a concerted effort to keep an eye out for them now – gorgeous!

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