To backpack or not to backpack…

Dear Business Chicizen, we were recently in discussions with friends regarding chic cyclewear when the conversation turned to backpacks – “argh!” was the most common reaction to the  mere suggestion of this functional item. And while we agree that no-one wants to have a sweaty back, especially when in the bureau; we believe that we are closing off this week with an ensemble that demonstrates a fresh way of “backpacking” that is easy, breezy ~ and chic!


dress I got this from an op shop bag bought over the Internet shoes  Myer


et voila! Rucksacks, backpacks - whatever you call them, these carriers seem to have a way of causing offence to fashionistas! However we believe the key is matching the backpack to the texture of the fabric one's wearing as demonstrated here by Michelle who has perfectly paired a stiff cotton backpack with a lovely light-weight frock in complimentary print; creating an air of non-chalant chic. Also of note is how Michelle wears the backpack low on her back- faciliating that all-important, air movement! We love it!

A sweet pair of ballet flats in classic tones.

Hope you have a great weekend and please scroll down to watch this week’s episode of BusinessChicTV ~ Man with ice-cream! Xx


  1. Hahaha yeah I saw them there too! I’m going to get one this week I think. Also I finally got the black Obus cocktail dress! Mega sale, mega cheap. Win win for me 🙂 Now I just need a place to wear it too haha.

    • Natalia – get out! Obus are having a sale!? I’ll have to pop on down there – thanks for the heads up lady. we’ll have to organise an outing so you can put that new piece to good use! And let us know how you go on the backpack front – which colour were you thinking? Xx

  2. I’m in the market for a new stylish backpack, particularly for riding. Where can I find one these days do we thing? I’ve been looking at, very colourful stuff!

    (Cheryl it’s Nat!)

    • Nat!! Thanks for your comment lovely! The BAGGU backpacks are soo adorable – I’m pretty sure I spied very similarly hued ones at obus in the city. They had the pink, red and blue and I was stuck somewhere myself between the pink and the blue – let us know how you go with the find! Xx

  3. She looks great! I think backpacks are cute, but i’m always warry of pick-pocketers!

  4. Loving this! I’m a big fan of a chic backpack – but love the op shopped dress even more! Keep up the good work Miss!

    • girl in oslo – thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Great to hear from another supporter FOR backpacks 😉

      Mel – such good points. Michelle had impeccable posture when I spotted her walking down the street but I have seen examples as you have outlined. Not good visually or for your back indeed – thank you for taking the time to make those points.

      Lara – glad you like it, lovely!

  5. Wearing your backpack low on your back may keep you cool but it also puts strain on your shoulders and makes you hunch forward as you walk, which isn’t especially stylish.

  6. Hi
    Great post, and I have to say backpacks are my backs best friend…
    Have a great day,and greetings from a Norwegian blogger:)

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