BusiChic Outfit Post: Tutu in the office

Today we feature an outfit somewhat inspired by a comment left on our post featuring the Forever New LMFF Sidewalk Parade!

Dancers on the ballet-inspired runway at Forever New's LMFF Sidewalk Parade

Sharon J Green made the following observation,

A pity there weren’t any ballet-inspired tulle skirts that we could make use of in the work environment.

This reminded me of an ensemble I’ve tried and tested in a professional environment under the banner of Polished/non-client-facing day Contemporary Business Wear. While it did raise some eyebrows, admittedly it was the last day before we broke up for Christmas… what do you think BusiChicizens? Do you think the additions of blazer/belt/pumps make this sufficiently work appropriate (and please pardon my tired face!)?

Tutu in the office??

blazer tailor-made dress vintage from Hey Sailor! Market at The Carlton belt Vanessa Bruno stockings Target value pack shoes Delman

[slideshow caption=”off”]

I took this ensemble to see an afterwork show at the State Theatre just the other night, where in my excitement, I managed to fall down some stairs. Many thanks to the lovely staff who provided first aid for my foot. These weren’t the actual stairs that I fell down, but an arty looking tribute I thought?? Happy weekend all!

[images: Lou Pardi]


  1. wearwithchinos says

    Love the ulle skirt on you! So pretty you look!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!
    You look beautiful. I also have a tulle skirt, but very long.
    I vote for more of YOU on this blog 🙂

    • wow to all of you guys – thanks so much for your comments!

      @Trude – my foot is much better now, well it should be considering how much i’ve complained about it! Thanks for your comment!

      @Sharon Green – well lady, I now have an idea to post BusiChic takes on different fashion trends/ideas – let me know if you have any other thoughts for me!

      @HosieryMe – hmmm hadn’t thought of wearing the tutu as requiring courage but now that you mention it…! 😀 thanks for stopping by!

      @Bernadette – awww ta lady -thx for your comment!

      @Carly Findlay – oh beware- there might be some more in the works! All in the name of giving BusiChics ideas of what fab Aussie designers are getting up to/how to have a bit of fun with our workwear and all within the confines of the workplace dresscode! Xx

  3. Bernadette says

    Looking gorgeous!

  4. Great post! Your outfit is gorgeous – it would have taken some courage but it really paid off. It’s the perfect balance between business and chic!

  5. Very cute outfit. I love it. I think it works – it certainly has the right amount of personality while the suit jacket keeps it line with work wear. Thanks for creating a post based around my comment!

  6. SUCH a cute outfit! The perfect way to go day-to-night. Sorry to hear you fell, hope the foot is okay!

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