#LMFF Forever New ballet casting

In this weekend edition of Business Chic, we cast the spotlight on the timeless style of ballet dancers in training. We were fortunate enough to follow Australian Fashion Brand Forever New to ballet school last week as they  searched for the ballet talent who will dance Tchaikovsky’s epic Swan Lake masterpiece at Federation Square prior to their Sidewalk Parade showcase of Autumn/Winter Collections inspired by theatrical ballet and modern vintage themes.

One of the many amazing ballet dancers we saw during the casting for Forever New.

-Free public event –

The Forever New Sidewalk Parade catwalk show at Federation Square

Tuesday 15th March at 4.30pm

If you happen to be around Melbourne town at this time, we highly recommend taking the opportunity to see these rising ballet stars at work at the first free event for the 2011 L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF); the ballet-inspired runway show of Australian fashion brand, Forever New! We look forward to seeing the selected ballet dancers at work as well as being on hand to cover the Forever New catwalk to highlight the ballet-inspired pieces that can be incorporated into workwear ensembles. Hope to see you there!

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our images of the ballet chic we spotted hard at work at ballet school



  1. i wasnt being rude
    its called im sticking up for my friend

  2. I personally think that the dancer in these photos is gorgeous and must have the most amazing lines and extensions. We are all born with different body types but by the looking at the lanky limbs on this girl, I would say she is naturally thin. Many in the dancing world would kill for her body, but ‘rachel’, no need to be rude even when sticking up for friends.

    • @Rachel – you are a very sweet friend.

      @dancer – we were much taken with her strong and graceful movements. thank you for your words:)

  3. please dont call my friend too thin she is nturally like that and she eat well and maybe you shouldnt judge people if ya dont know them

  4. Oh, I’m sorry, but she is painfully thin 🙁 healthy dancers’ bodies please!

    • Hi Ellie, thank you for your comment. I’m very new to ballet and thought this dancer naturally had particularly long legs which allow her to create such amazing lines??? :S

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