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Dean Drieberg’s Polished Creative style has featured on BusiChic once before but this time we also shine the spotlight on his work. Dean wore a number of hats during LMFF – one of which included casting the models for the Menswear Runway – which he will be talking about at this week’s Fashion Torque as we mentioned in yesterday’s post on celebrity stylist, Philip Boon! But onto Dean, we love the suave BusiChic ensemble he wore in his capacity as PRODUCTION, PR & SMALL BUSINESS RELATIONS MANAGER for The Spirit of the Black Dress.

Dean Drieberg

Dean has made his Polished Creative workwear style, "gala appropriate" by way of bow tie and pocket square. A modern professional cocktail wear ensemble that is perfect for this afterdark fashion event.

Dean's footwear makes his ensemble distinctly Creative and appropriate for his role in fashion. While this is a look that we love, we can't envisage seeing this one in conservative office environments just yet...

Spirit of the Black Dress

The Spirit of the Black Dress is a Melbourne-based initiative which gives emerging sustainable fashion designers a platform to launch their work and show that “eco-fashion can be chic.” Ten young Australian designers were included in this showcase which was displayed in an exhibition as part of LMFF’s Cultural Program. Now that the exhibition has closed, we share some of our images of the dresses whose innovation and high-quality impressed us greatly and some of which we believe would be appropriate at a workplace ball or gala. Stay tuned for more after-five BusiChic!


We touched upon this wonderful initiative previously when we commissioned Melbourne poet, Sophie Curzon-Siggers to pen us a Spirit of the Black Dress poem which we shared in this post.


  1. Happy to help a brother out! Pants are from TRIMAPEE – I love them!

  2. What, no mention of what the pants are or where they were obtained? They’re the best bit!

  3. Great photos Chez. Fantastic to have Dean and the gang acknowledged for the amazing work they’re doing. Spirit is a great initiative!

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