Man at work

Dear BusiChic, welcome to a new working week! We’re still busy compiling our coverage of LMFF to bring you a handy guide to the pieces we think will add warmth to your existing workwear or be the bones which build your new working look. In the meantime, we leave you with the look of a young Corporate in a classic business suit. Happy Monday!


suit Lloyd’s shirt can’t remember where this one is from tie Geoffrey Beene compendium standard work issue belt Armani shoes Aquila

A classic and no-fuss suit-shirt-tie combination in hues of blue. Easy as Sunday morning...

Clean faced watch is a no-fuss accessory..

We believe in the value of a good belt and this number by Armani is an example of a great number that will see you through the years.

Adam's Corporate look is anchored by classic items like these timeless lace-ups. Top-to-toe no-fuss BusiChic.


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