Man in a business suit, smiles

Today’s featured Business Chicizen cuts a striking figure in a men’s business suit. While we love his stylin’ suit, it was his smile that we found particularly charming. A timely reminder perhaps that when things are busy, to remember what we are each about and take the time to smile! …


suit Brodion – it’s Australian-made and 100% wool shirt and tie Zara shoes Motiv

We love Victor's polished workwear but more than that we love his smile. Don't forget to back your style with substance and soul like this!

A publication that Victor likes is British mag, Just Men

For skincare, Victor ops for lotions by Vaseline.

A beautiful pair of lace-ups; much like the detail here.

… and if we may, we’d just like to say that it’s our birthday today! Today we celebrate our first year of Business Chic – thank you for your visits and to our friends and family for much-appreciated support helping to make our hand-made business cards and the like! And if you like what we do here, to celebrate our birthday, we’d love if you could sign up for our upcoming newsletter, the BusiChic Bulletin – sign up via the form located on the top right-hand-side of this page. Or come and listen to us speak about fashion blogging and Business Chic at MiFA Gallery’s Pecha Kucha event this coming Friday night! Thanks again 🙂 Xx

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