She works a leather skirt

Leather is a material not often used in office workwear which is why we were much taken with today’s BusiChic ensemble. Allie sports a classic pencil skirt (a staple shape for just about every work wardrobe, we think) in this material which is more often used in fiercely fashion-forward environs. We like how she has incorporated preppy blouse with ruffle detail and classic pumps to add polish to this Creative ensemble. Please check back in this post, next week when we hope to have the corresponding BusiChicTV episode up, featuring Allie talking about her workwear!


We like how Allie's incorporated a bag she bought on her travels into her workwear. A welcome change from the usual workbag and a nice personal touch.

This bag is Allie's "good luck" charm - another purchase on her travels. We like the idea of having a carry bag for lunches that's easy to wash in the event of spills!



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