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Update: The new name for this venture is THE ACEFANTASTIC! Please replace all instances of “Three Chics” with, THE ACEFANTASTIC! We hope you join the ride on TwitterFacebookYouTube !

NB: Apologies for this gratuitous plug but I promise you that it is work-related!

Some readers of BusiChic may know about my side-project: the eco-chic tourism show/blog that is currently known as Three Chics TV*. With the aim of showcasing the stylish goodness of businesses across regional Victoria who use sustainable practices to deliver the goods, we launched the project back in June of last year by living on display at the State of Design Festival. Now recharged, Three Chics* is comprised of myself, Lara McPherson and Lou Pardi and supported by Kealey Nutt of eleven & twelve. By the time this post goes live, we will be making our way over to Fest La Frog – the festival of sustainable and organic music and art – where we will be carefully capturing the gorgeous green goods on show to share you with you – stay tuned!

Three Chics* & Friends at the State of Design Festival

Website: ThreeChicsTV.com*

ThreeChicsTV* is a web-based television program showcasing the efforts of businesses and individuals in Regional Victoria who are doing their bit for the environment by operating sustainably and minimising their negative environmental impact. The project focuses on good design, locally sourced produce and smart thinking. ThreeChicsTV* likes to see people who use their own initiative in driving projects that are innovative, focused on their local area and done in style.

ThreeChicsTV* is run by three Melbourne based eco-chics who tweet, photograph, film and write about each trip and the people and businesses they discover. While each chic writes their own blog, each have widely diverse professional backgrounds and bring different skills to the project.

ThreeChics* are supported by Media Partner eleven&twelve media.

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* our new name is in development and any contributions are most welcome!

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