LMFF Trunk Runway: oh lala Mimco!

Dear BusiChic, we ask for your forgiveness in advance as we are about to do something which might be seen as being rather cruel. This is actually a last minute post brought on by Melbourne’s heavy rains overnight. So in our 4AM fantasy as Noah drops in to pick us up for the work commute, we throw on these supremely chic raincoats as paraded by models on the french-inspired LMFF Trunk Runway for Mimco.

Supremely BusiChic outerwear, we'd love to see this whilst waiting for the tram!

Have I topped up my myki?

So BusiChic!

Waterproof dress - love this 60s shape and what genius outerwear!

So workable...

So what did you think, BusiChic? Because if your heart skipped a beat or two as ours did over the prospect of facing rain in such stylish and functional outerwear, it’s time for us to get clear with you; they are NOT for sale. Our friends at Fashionising.com followed this up and report that those gorgeous futuristic-mod outfits were but backdrops created by Kathryn Beker to showcase Mimco’s latest range. A nice range for anyone in need of some accessories to bling up a simple outfit but one which was overshadowed for us by the out-of-this-world amazing costumes! On a more positive note, here are some of our shots taking a closer look at the items in Mimco’s latest line-up as seen on parade at LMFF:

Mimco necklaces - on sale in store now. We advise donning one or even two to add interest to a simple workwear ensemble like a black scoop neck and pencil skirt paired with pumps... and a raincoat of sorts!

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