The art of colour

As this work week draws to a close for the Easter break, I’d like to take a moment to welcome new readers of BusiChic (there has been a spike in traffic since this MyCareer article was published) and thank all the loyal BusiChics for your ongoing support! I hope that you both keep coming back for a dose of workwear inspiration and will provide feedback by commenting on the blog or tweeting us!

In the meantime, I want to share with you these images I took of artist, Betty. I adore colour and Betty has injected many joyful brights into her creative ensemble. Something we tend to do particularly well in all workplace dresscodes is wear black or drab, muted colours. The lesson here from Betty is to be brave with colour, particularly in Australia where the greys of winter are on their way. BusiChic suggests trying one bold colour that makes you feel good and breaking it up a little with accessories, whether they are earrings like Betty’s or a feature belt; the important thing is to have some fun!


earrings they are from Tibet cardigan Verge pants Lee Matthews shoes China

Betty's dark locks are the perfect backdrop for bold use of colour; appropriate for her role as an artist!

Love how Betty has incorporated these shoes - souvenirs from her travels to China- into her workwear. gorgeous detail! Those in more conservative workplaces might consider wearing shoes like these on the commute to work, fun and functional alternative to sneakers.

Wishing you all a very safe and Happy Easter break!

BusiChic will be back with new workwear inspiration on Wednesday, unless….. 😉



  1. Great blog! So lovely to find another Melbourne based blogger too : )

    Michelle’s Style File

  2. Love the mustardy yellow. So the colour of the moment.

    It’s funny, I lived in Sydney for 6 years and was literally a bit of a “black sheep” with my monotone wardrobe. There is definitely more colour in the workplace, and in fashion in general up there. But after a year back in Melbourne I am craving big pops of colour. Maybe it’s trend influenced, or maybe I just subconsciously want to stand out!?

    • Hi Simply Phoebe, what a simply great comment! I’ve also been having quite the thirst for colour lately and have been wondering whether it’s my way of dealing with the upcoming winter. A way of keeping up the colour that the trees in our street are turning – green leaves are turning bright bright gold before suddenly giving way to crunchy toffee browns. I love the colour and wish there was a way to hang onto it longer… so I’ve recently bought a bright yellow skirt. stay tuned for that blogpost and I look forward to seeing what you create next!

      @Michelle – why hello – Melbourne bloggers, unite! 🙂

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