The Paper Mill

We were mosey-ing on about Sydney town when we came by The Paper Mill. Liking the look of what we saw, we ventured into this not-for-profit art space that is committed to providing an inclusive environment to facilitate all aspects of paper based art. We enjoyed surveying the works on show but also liked the Smart Casual donned by one volunteer which we thought bore lots of charm, befitting this Creative environment.

The Paper Mill

Lots of second-hand items in today’s Smart Casual BusiChic ensemble. Normally we’d advise against shoes bearing this much character (*ahem* – holes!) but think today’s featuree gets away with it as he is otherwise well-groomed and does work in a Creative space where most things go! Thoughts?


  1. @Tony – indeedy! Thank you for your comment and love your website btw!

    @Greg – we agree and are very grateful that Chris let us capture his charming style! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. Greg Hodge says

    That’s my boy looking very chic

  3. Lookin’ good Chris!

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