Work chic at Camberwell Market


Today we feature a spot of Creative chic that has classic details which can be applied to any work dresscode. Jo is chic in Melbourne’s favourite shade of noir but keeps the look interesting via accessories in various textures and prints. Note the striped scarf and the asymmetrical cut of her skirt. While we’re there, the fashion-forward length of the skirt is what has led us to classify this look as creative, appropriate for Jo’s role as beauty editor of The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide. Those wishing to don this ensemble in an office environment should opt for a longer hemline but follow Jo’s lead with simple but elegant grooming, stud earrings and cooler-weather-must, OPAQUES.


Watch the enclosed clip of BusiChicTV for more on Jo’s workwear!

Jo adds polish to her creative ensemble via timeless accessories such as this croc-skin bag and leather boots which are also souvenirs from her recent travels. Clever.


Camberwell Market Florists

Since we photographed Jo just outside the Camberwell Market Florists, let’s give the good folks there a little plug. Followers on Twitter will know that BusiChic loves their daily display and particularly loved the corsage Nick recently created to match her dress for a wedding she attended. Thank you Nick and Camberwell Market Florists, we love your work!

Camberwell Market Florists


  1. Yay!!!

    I love Camberwell Market, when I was younger I’d spend very regular Sunday mornings there.

    Tights are a MUST, I’ve just ordered a plethora from ASOS – thank god for a strong AUD!!!

    • Hi HosieryMe – yay! Thank you for your comment and hope you had a great rest of the day and come back again soon! 🙂

      @Blithely Unaware – I keep meaning to wake up early to enjoy the Sunday market but haven’t quite made it just yet! oooh ASOS are great but have you seen the locally-made tights in this post –
      All we know is that they are from the Finders Keeps Markets, sadly Tess can’t remember the name of the label!

  2. Great outfit and great little clip! A great start to my day – thanks!

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