Business chic hats at work

After the pomp and ceremony of a certain wedding that took place recently, we’ve cottoned onto the fact that some of you might bethinking about wearing hats in the workplace. And so for a round up of the business chic hats we’ve spotted on the streets of Melbourne, look no further than this link. Ladies & Gentlemen, get your hats on!


  1. Hats are truly fantastic! I’d love to acquire more but I think I need to get myself a hat-stand first – there are only so many hats I can hang off my mirror at present.

    It’s great to know there’s a lot of hat-love out there.

    • @Katie – I think there’s been an increasing interest in hats in casual wear which I’ve seen seeping into workwear. I think the royal wedding will serve to further create interest in bringing hats back and look forward to having some discussions over how to choose a hat to suit one’s style + suitable storage solutions!

  2. Imagine if nurses still wore those little white hats aka Florence Nightingale styles haahahaa

    Forgive me, I’ve been on night duty and lack of sleep = a silly mood.

    On a serious note, I wore a hat all through school and so did my brother (it was part of our uniform) they looked SO smart and finished off our uniform. As adults I think hats are a gorgeous way to “top off” a look, especially in winter with a scarf.


    • @Blithely Unaware – well we do love a hat and think it should be the choice of the individual how they wish to polish their look off – so if a nurse wants to get all Nightgale,our hats off to her!

      Do hear you also on the school uniform front, there are some hits and misses in that field but when it’s a hit – ooh lala! LIke the little girl in the old Petit Miam ads was wearing her school uniform, complete with french chic hat – gorgeous!

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