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Do you buy your clothing on the internet? Whilst talking to today’s workwear featuree Andrew for BusinessChicTV, I started to think a bit about internet shopping. I’ve bought lots for my life outside of the office but just recently I’ve become aware of sites which specialise in workwear fashion. BusiChic is a labour of love but I was hoping to monetise it by adding on an online shop. The idea was that you, the busy professional, could see the day’s workwear inspiration then ‘click to buy’ a similar item I’ve sourced from the bevvy of Australian talent I get to meet these days and think you need to know about. How easy it would then be for you to see and pick up pieces from Australian designers who make unique clothing and accessories that will lay the foundation for or reinvigorate the business chic wardrobe. Sadly for me however there are already a bevvy of online retailers who provide that second monetising part; boo me. [continue reading after the photos]

Andrew wears jumper from asos jacket from claude maus shoes from another website in the UK (I missed the name – can anyone else get it from the enclosed episode of BusinessChicTV?) and a bag which is made out of goat leather.

However I will share one of these sites which cater to both men and women that I’ve been most impressed with of late – – To be honest, I wanted to not like it – mass-produced fashion? I believe that we each want to receive a fair-wage and decent working conditions in our own jobs so am always a little uneasy by apparel at very low prices – how much were these workers paid? Is it possible that asos have just achieved really efficient economies of scale? Or how long will the fabrics used actually last before going to landfill and then how long will they take to break down? However I digress because as a busy professional, I’ve got to say that they sure make finding the right wardrobe updates easy.

If you’re a bloke, click here for suits which will take you through most office dresscodes. Ladies in the workplace, the job is made even easier for us with the Working Wardrobe. Oh what you’re pregnant? Have no fear, here’s one fabulous ensemble that will get you through maternity in sartorially-savvy style! Oh and for those with a conscience, you can easily search for Eco Fashion or Fairtrade options – but they might need some help on pulling out the work-appropriate pieces *wink wink*.

Now watch the conversation that inspired this post in today’s episode of BusinessChicTV!

#BusiChic Buying workwear on the internet Andrew from BusinessChicTV on Vimeo.


  1. I find that most of the time I don’t know if the pieces on the internet will fit me. With Ebay I always get the wrong thing… 🙁

    • Hey missy, aren’t you the one you managed to score an ace black top for like $1!? 😛

      But yes not all online shops are equal – it helps to find one with lots of images to get an idea of the fabric (I’m tactile and find it frustrating when online shops don’t detail what fabric has been used -i.e. is that silk or a poly?) and that offer returns.

  2. P.S. THANK YOU BusiChic, because I now have a jonesin’ for a pair of my own…

  3. The shoes are Ask the Missus, though not sure which website he bought them from, specifically:

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