Chartreuse chic

We close this week of Business Chic with a creative who works in the fashion industry. Her of-the-moment pieces include clogs and a primly styled frock in a hue that BusiChic loves but few are brave enough to don; chartreuse. We note the shorter hem-line which has been accessorised appropriately with opaque stockings but stress that this is a look for creatives rather than one to don in conservative workplaces. Happy weekend all!


Fashion-forward Creative

A sturdy workbag large enough to carry all but polished enough to keep the chic.

...personalise a look through accessories, love this bit of tasteful bling.

.. and finally of-the-moment clogs anchor this fashion-forward Creative ensemble.


  1. @Lady Melbourne – so true! wish that I asked her about her haircare regime now 😀 Thank you muchly for stopping by ♥

  2. Ah, does this gal have THE MOST UH-MAZING hair of what?!?! Whatta babe that’s all I can say.

  3. @Blithely Unaware – they’re pretty mega, aren’t they!?

  4. I love those clogs!!

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