Cosy in a cardigan

Crisp, cool mornings are reminders that Autumn is here in Australia. If you are a visitor from the northern hemisphere, you might be interested to hear that BusiChic is now on tumblr and  that the weekly contentis tumbled to cater to your seasons! Back onto today’s BusiChic who has layered a cardigan over his workwear that has quite interesting closures. He was in too much of a hurry for us to get the low-down on the labels he’s wearing on the product in his well-groomed hair. But he inspired us nonetheless-  just a gent trying to keep cosy at work, how do you keep warm at work?

Contemporary Business Wear kept cosy in a cardigan.

We like the shirt & tie combo cosied up in a grey cardigan. Ok for when in the office but maybe rethink when visiting clients. Your thoughts?

Well-maintained shoes are a must in every work environment.



  1. @Hamish – wow what a small world! I’ll have to track down his creations as I certainly love his style. Thanks for stopping by – I’ve been telling lots of people about your MoPho magic 🙂

  2. Hamish MoPho says

    That’s the most butch outfit Ahn Tuan has probably EVER worn 😉

    Always love his creations! never anything i’d wear, but ALWAYS on point…. even if it is a really weird point

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