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Leeyong is the fashion editor of Peppermint magazine and a DIY-fashionista who blogs about the nifty clothes and accessories she crafts herself like the green blazer she sports in today’s RAFW post. We like a lot of things in Leeyong’s ensemble: her showcasing of the maxi-skirt trend; the pairing of detailed prints that work well together; the layering of statement accessories that pack a punch; the polish her hand-made bright blazer brings to tie her look together oh and the contrasting red flash provided by her signature tassles. Overall it’s a veritable visual Christmas feast that has come early- hurrah! Now scroll down for the low-down 😉


For details on Leeyong’s ensemble, read the corresponding post on her blog, Style Wilderness, here.

Leeyong's creative workwear and accessories are a clever combination of second-hand and handmade items.

Leeyong has styled up this bag she picked up at the op shop with her signature tassles. Check out the clip below to see the moment when Leeyong met this bag!


  1. I love this – and it reminds me of what Nina on Offspring would wear. It is beautiful.

  2. I love the bright splash of green – it’s perfect!

  3. @Fourth Daughter – ha! to everyone else – here’s a link to streetstyle photographs I took of the fabulous Leeyong for (small)

    @tess + Dressed and Eaten – I also have lots of love for green and the sharp shoulders in this blazer which Leeyong made herself. So impressed!

    @Erica Louise – great to see you in the Coxy’s break clip – hope we get to meet one day!

    @twelvedaysold – nice to meet a fellow fan 🙂

    @Carolyn – oh yeah – Leeyong is a very funky accessoriser! Shame I didn’t get another close-up of her earrings which are actually clip-ons + some extrabits she’s looped on – inspiring stuff!

  4. wow funky accessorizing, love it!

  5. Love the jacket. Such a stunning green.

  6. Thank you for this lovely post!! I didn’t know you were going to feature me when we were doing those snaps!

  7. Love myself some Fourth Daughter! Great to see her featured here.

  8. Fantastic to see Leeyong here!

  9. This is one of my favourites yet! Serious love for the green jacket + bag.

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