How to tie a scarf for work

Welcome to a new week of BusiChic where I’m commencing proceedings with a look at the art of tying a scarf for work. Let’s start by taking a look at the business chic that inspired this post:

An elegant scarf adds interest to a classic business suit.

I'm guessing that this scarf has been tied in a French Twist - scroll down for a link to a guide on how to achieve this jaunty twist.

Did you know that Dorothy wore Ferragamo when she went to visit the Wizard of Oz? Well she sure did and I know that I'd love to try clicking my heels in this Varina style!

I considered creating my own BusiChic scarf style guide but thought that I should first make use of the guides already available on the internet. For a step-by-step guide on how to tie your scarf as displayed above, I found this Brown Brothers French Twist guide quite useful.

Want more ideas on how to tie a scarf? Here are two that I found: First off Hermes – you’ll need to download to access the guide but it has a range of ideas for both work and play. Another guide I found was from Scarf Queen which has even more options for your Silk Square plus ideas for your Long Winter Scarf, Chiffon Scarf, Infinity Scarf or Pashmina! Both guides feature the necklace or knotted necklace which is a knot I have not seen before but am now keen to try myself for work.

The guides mentioned appear to be using larger sized silk scarves. Pictured below is one 90cm x 90cm beauty by L’avion that I’ve had my eye on ever since I spotted it on Style Melbourne ~ also loving the L’avion knots guide.

The Melbourne Scarf by L'avion.

Do you wear a scarf to work? What’s your favourite knot or can you share your preferred scarf tying guides? I’d love to hear from you.

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